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Decorative Panel

  • XPS Insulation Decorative Plate

    XPS insulation and decoration integrated board is the main component of decoration, energy saving and building integration. It cooperates with the similarly compatible adhesive system and the main body fixing method of the concave-convex fixing system, and the long-term...
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  • EPS Insulation Decorative Plate

    EPS polystyrene board is a polystyrene foam sheet made by heating and pre-expanding expandable polystyrene particles in a mold, commonly known as "white foam". It is widely used in construction, insulation, packaging, Freezing, daily necessities and other fields. 1....
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  • Rock Wool Wall Siding Panel

    1. Excellent thermal insulation performance, rock wool insulation and decoration integrated board, according to the thermal design requirements, through the thickness of thermal insulation materials, energy-saving insulation requirements in different regions. 2. Light weight,...
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  • Insulation Decorative Wall Cladding

    Interior wall insulation and decoration integrated board In the production process, the metal engraved plate adopts superior weather resistance "silicone propylene coating" and "acrylic urethane coating", and adds ultraviolet absorber and light stabilizer...
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  • Exterior Wall Decorative Panel

    External wall insulation and decoration integrated board The metal exterior wall decorative board is composed of three parts. The upper part is made of galvanized steel plate (high-quality aluminum alloy plate). The surface is made of high weathering special coating. After...
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