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Common failure of the conveyor
Dec 11, 2018

The conveyor has a long history. The ancient Chinese high-reel car and the dredging of the water-lifting machine are the prototype of the modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor.

Common malfunctions

The conveyor has been impacted by materials, ore, coal and even metal for a long time, causing friction and causing severe impact and wear. The most common are the impact wear of the coal tube and the impact wear of the deflector. When some material particles are relatively fine, the material will accumulate due to the production process, installation angle, material humidity and other reasons.

Once the equipment has impact wear, the traditional method is to replace the metal material with relatively high welding hardness, such as manganese steel plate. Some wear-resistant linings made of riveted PE and other materials are used for protection. However, once the anchor bolts wear out, the lining plate will fall off, block the blanking passage, and it is difficult to carry out dredging, which will affect the normal production of the enterprise. In view of the above-mentioned conveyor failure, Western countries have adopted the method of polymer composite materials for treatment. The most mature application is the Meijiahua technology system. Its superior adhesive performance, super wear resistance, safely solve the drawbacks of metal wear and tear, and ensure the normal production of enterprise equipment. Moreover, the unique ceramic material and special surface strengthening agent in the material make it better in wear resistance and physical impact resistance in the worst dry grinding environment than any steel or even more than ceramic tile. The incompatibility between material and coal is also prevented. The ideal material for coal accumulation.

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