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Market application and industry analysis of the board machine
Dec 11, 2018

Market application

The upper board machine is a new generation of non-burning brick machine companion standard equipment. At present, it has been put into market operation, and the customer response effect is remarkable, and it has received rave reviews! It is an indispensable brick machine standardization supporting equipment for brick factories all over the country.

industry analysis

The machine only needs to put 20-30 pallets stacked on each other with the forklift and the hydraulic transfer truck on the upper rack, so that the machine can automatically complete the complete process of feeding, raising and feeding, and fully automatic operation. Save trouble and effort;

The non-burning brick machine companion-automatic upper board machine can be operated without any special person. In the case of increasing labor costs, it saves 1-2 staff expenses in the factory, so it has high economic benefits.

The upper plate is easy to install, either on the side of the machine or on the rear. There is no need to make a separate foundation, no need to lay the embedded parts, and it can be installed in the existing cement floor for half a day.

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