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One board device composition principle
Dec 11, 2018

The integrated board (equipment) is composed of an adhesive layer, a heat-insulating decorative finished board, an anchor, a sealing material and the like. It is not only suitable for exterior wall insulation and decoration of new buildings, but also for energy saving and decoration modification of old buildings; it is applicable to all kinds of public buildings as well as exterior insulation of residential buildings; it is suitable for buildings in cold regions of northern China. It is also suitable for buildings in hot southern areas.

The overall design concept of the equipment: designed as an automated production line according to the formulation and production process. In order to avoid human error as much as possible, we use automatic control to solidify the formulation process into the computer program, the process is fixed, and the formulation curing guarantees the reliability, consistency and stability of the quality from the source. Make the entire recipe and process intelligent.

◆ Flexible structure of equipment: tailor-made according to the products produced by customers and different investment scales and venue environment, providing customers with cost-effective production equipment solutions.

◆The equipment performance is stable and reliable: the professional R&D design team guarantees the premise of product quality, and the parts and components of the equipment are purchased globally to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

◆Green energy-saving and environmental protection: reasonable structural design scheme and stable and reliable system performance. Due to the use of foreign online cutting system technology, the emission is ≤30mg/Nm3. It reduces the labor intensity of the operator and ensures the health of the operator.

◆Modular design: weighing system of equipment (cement, fiber, foaming agent, liquid), control system, pneumatic system, manual feeding bin, mixer and secondary storage bins of liquid and foaming agent are installed in one module It facilitates the transportation of equipment and enables quick installation on site.

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