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Production line development trend
Dec 11, 2018

1 Continue to develop into large-scale. Large-scale includes several aspects such as large conveying capacity, large single machine length and large conveying inclination. The length of the hydraulic conveying device has reached more than 440 km. The length of the belt conveyor is nearly 15 kilometers, and there have been a number of "belt conveyors" that link the two sides. Many countries are exploring a more complete conveyor structure for long-distance, large-volume continuous conveying of materials. 2 Expand the scope of use of the conveyor. Development of conveyors that can operate in environments with high temperatures and low temperatures, corrosive, radioactive, and flammable materials, as well as materials that can transport hot, explosive, agglomerated, and viscous materials. 

3 Make the structure of the conveyor meet the requirements of the single handling of the automatic control of the material handling system. For example, the trolley conveyor of the automatic sorting package used by the post office should be able to meet the requirements of the sorting action. 

4 Reducing energy consumption to save energy has become an important aspect of scientific research in the field of transportation technology. The energy consumed to transport 1 ton of material for 1 km has been one of the important indicators for conveyor selection. 

5 Reduce the dust, noise and exhaust emissions generated by various conveyors during operation.

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