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Type of production line
Dec 11, 2018

The types of production lines are divided into product production lines and parts production lines according to the scope.

According to the rhythm, it is divided into the production line and the non-flow production line. According to the degree of automation, it is divided into automatic production line and non-automatic production line.

The ratio of the process route and the labor volume of the main products of the production line or most of the products determines the machines and equipment necessary for the processing tasks of certain products, the arrangement of the machines and the arrangement of the work sites. The production line has greater flexibility and can adapt to the needs of multi-variety production; under the condition that it can not adopt the production of flowing water, the organization production line is a relatively advanced production organization form; the product variety specifications are complex, and the number of parts is large. In the enterprises where the output of each product is not much, and the machinery and equipment are insufficient, the production line can achieve good economic benefits.

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