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Sandwich Panel

  • Metal Embossed Decoration Panel

    The metal embossed decorative insulation board is a large-scale external wall panel which is industrially produced. The dry installation and construction, the durability is good, the maintenance cost is low, and the external wall insulation and decoration functions are...
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  • PU Insulation Sandwich Panel

    The metal exterior insulation board consists of three parts: The surface layer is made of galvanized steel plate (high-quality aluminum alloy plate), and the surface is made of high weathering special paint. After special coating process, different colors are applied on the...
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  • Insulated Metal Sandwich Panel

    The surface of the metal engraved plate is a high-quality color relief veneered metal plate treated by a special layer. The middle layer is a hard high-density polyurethane foam insulation thermal insulation layer treated by flame retardant treatment, and the bottom surface...
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  • Exterior Wall Metal Carving Panel

    The luxurious and beautiful decorative effect makes the building highlight the grade and taste. The simple and flexible disassembly and assembly method makes the replacement of the wall design match easy. Colors can also be tailored to the requirements of a particular...
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  • Wall Insulated Sandwich Panel

    Metal siding is suitable for all kinds of walls: steel structure, brick wall, concrete, wooden wall, etc. It is mainly used in the construction and reconstruction of various high-end hotels, villas, schools, residential buildings and other buildings. Buyers shopping tips: Q:...
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