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Spray Machine Purchase
Dec 11, 2018

1, the performance of the equipment, for the powder spraying equipment is mainly the powder rate, the ability to powder, the processing ability of complex workpieces, this indicator is difficult to understand for the first time friends, must be carefully understood, carefully compare high pressure built-in The electrostatic powder injection machine has a much higher powder-carrying capacity than the high-voltage external products. In addition, the performance of similar products from different manufacturers often has a large gap; the performance of the spray gun cannot be relied on only relevant parameters such as electrostatic voltage and charging. Currents, etc., understand that these parameters are unverifiable and often false, so they must be judged by an obvious special workpiece spray test.

2, the stability of equipment quality, the working environment of industrial processing equipment is no less than the home appliances, sometimes the environment is very poor, and often work continuously for a long time without downtime, so the stability of the equipment is very important.

3, technical services and after-sales service, many customers need the guidance of technical experts with rich production experience to be able to successfully master electrostatic powder spraying (spraying technology), and the general equipment sales clerk far from meeting such requirements, You can only teach you how to use it.

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