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The History Of The Production Line
Dec 11, 2018

In a small town in the north of England, there was a fish and fried potato shop in the name of Ivy. In the store, each customer needs to line up to order his or her food (such as fried squid, fried potato chips, pea paste, and a cup of tea), and then each customer waits for the plate to fill up and sit down to eat.

The fried potato chips in the Ivy store are the best in the town. At noon on each market day, the long team will exit the store. So when the wooden shop next door closed, Ivy rented it. They couldn't add another desk; Ivy's squid and Burt's fried potato chips were the main selling points in the store. But then they came up with a clever way. They lengthened the counter, and Ivy, Burt, Dionysus and Mary stood in a row. When the customers came in, Ivy first gave them a plate with fish, then Burt added fried potato chips, Dionysus gave the pea paste, and finally Mary poured the tea and collected the money. The customers kept moving; when a customer got the pea paste, he had already got the fried potato chips behind him, and the latter one had already got the fish. Some poor villagers don't eat pea paste - but that's okay, these customers can also get a smile from Dionysus. As a result, the team became shorter. Soon after, they bought the opposite store and added more seats. This is the assembly line. Splitting those repetitive tasks into several serial parts, so that the work can move between the workers, each skilled worker only needs to do his part of the work in turn. Although the total time each customer waits for the service has not changed, four customers can receive the service at the same time, which triples the number of customers who can take care of during the lunchtime on the market day. The production line plays a big role in all walks of life and large operating systems. As the role continues to increase, some companies are getting more and more attention. For example, Shanghai Kangli Industrial Co., Ltd. started in granules in 1984. The automation and modern control engineering of materials and fiber materials and liquid materials were developed, and good results were obtained in powder and granule engineering, liquid metering, chemical fiber packaging, mechanical complete equipment, and automatic measurement of pneumatic conveying. The results of the development have won the National Invention Award (A00677 Shanghai Patent Technology Achievement Award, etc. Since 28 years, the company has been engaged in the development of powder and granule engineering projects, and has undertaken production lines for plastics, feed, building materials, chemicals, paints and coatings. More than 2,000 sets of automated complete sets of equipment have been provided to domestic and foreign users for material handling, automatic batching and automatic packaging.

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