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  • Furniture Dust Removal Cabinet

    The environmental protection dust removal and polishing cabinet is mainly used for grinding workshop, furniture painting/grinding, mold painting, model painting workshop, auto parts painting, toy painting, automobile painting, wooden door painting, hardware painting, resin...
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  • Sanding and Dust Cleaning Machine

    Polishing/sanding and polishing workbench working principle The negative pressure generated by the dust through the fan enters the purifier through the side exhaust vent and the lower exhaust vent, and the airflow enters the diversion channel. After the large particle dust...
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  • Wood Panel Cleaning Machine

    1. This machine helps to clear the dust on the board automatically after the workpieces are sanded and improve coating quality 2. The machine equipped with a strong power blower, high quality brush roller. which can gather all the dust in the machine working height and...
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  • Furniture Dust Cleaning Machine

    1. Automatically remove the dust left on the surface of the board to improve the quality of the board. 2. Double dust-removing brown brush stick with inductive high-pressure air nozzle for more powerful dust removal effect. 3. Imported anti-skid conveyor belt to increase the...
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  • UV Roller Coating Machine

    Brief introduction of main parts picture and performance of single roll coating machine 1. Rubber roller: This machine rubber roller uses high quality natural rubber with high mechanical strength, suitable hardness, good wear resistance, good aging resistance and service...
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  • Double Staining Roller Machine

    1. The unit is applicable to various calcium silicate boards, cement fibrolite plates, timber products, plastics, hard goods and other surface coatings whose painted surface subject to treatment of the unit is smooth, plump properly and without chromatic aberration. 2....
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  • UV Varnish Roller Coater for Wood Furniture

    Yongda focuses on the coating industry, integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The production base is located in Zouping Industrial Park, an independent production factory. It is in the forefront of the industry in automatic coating equipment. Nearly...
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  • Furniture Paint Staining Machine

    This machine is suitable for all kinds of new materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, glass magnesium board; primer, top coat or coloring of furniture, floor, cabinet, interior and exterior wall panels, decorative panels. The surface of the paint treated by this...
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  • Putty Filling Roller Coating Machine

    1. Mainly used for PVC, flat door, plastic steel doors and windows, wood plastic products, photo frames, wooden crafts, etc. for side UV paint glazing; 2. Simultaneous glazing of one-time 1-4 faces of shaped multi-faceted products at the same time; 3. It is mainly used for UV...
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  • Top Coat Roller Coating Machine

    The top coat roller coating machine is suitable for sheet metal furniture, solid wood composite flooring, plane doors, handicrafts, bamboo curtains, etc., for primer, top coat roller coating and coloring. The unit can be equipped with five frequency converters or optional...
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  • Primer Roller Coating Machine

    Primer roll coater is suitable for plate, furniture, bamboo curtains, etc. for primer, top coat and coloring. However, the thickness of the topcoat is greatly reduced, which can save costs. Machine configuration 1. The rubber roller adopts well-behaved material rubber roller...
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  • Loading and Unloading Machine

    The automatic lower plate machine is mainly suitable for the automatic upper plate of various plate type workpieces. Such as: ecological board, panel furniture, solid wood composite door, calcium silicate board, glass magnesium board, cement fiber board, glass,...
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