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  • Automatic Loader and Unloader

    The automatic upper plate machine is mainly suitable for the automatic upper plate of various plate workpieces. Such as: ecological board, panel furniture, solid wood composite door, calcium silicate board, glass magnesium board, cement fiber board, glass, aluminum-plastic...
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  • Gantry Automatic Board Feeder

    The suction cup automatic lower plate machine adopts vacuum suction cup and vacuum pump to realize the adsorption of the plate. The up and down movement and the left and right movement are all made of variable frequency motor. Our 8 major service processes: 1. Demand Inquiry:...
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  • Automatic Plate Vacuum Lifter

    The gantry loading machine is mainly suitable for plate-type workpieces such as calcium silicate board, cement fiber board and furniture board. In order to reduce labor, automatic feeding is required when supporting the connection work. Machine configuration 1. PLC/inverter,...
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  • Ultra Violet Curing Machine

    Six-lamp UV curing machine has great advantages in coating: bright coating on wood surface, paper surface, plastic floor, fiber surface coating. Instant drying, saving time and high production efficiency. It can make the surface of the printing material have high gloss,...
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  • Ultra Violet Coating Machine

    Five-lamp UV curing machine performance characteristics: 1. This machine has a beautiful appearance, light weight and space saving. Wide application, reliable quality, safe use and convenient operation; 2. This machine is easy to operate. 3. Imported light source mirror,...
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  • UV Light Curing Machine

    Advantage analysis : Green and environmental protection: The composition is cured and formed into a film. The health hazard to the construction operators and the environmental pollution are almost zero. The components do not contain formaldehyde, benzene or TDI heavy metals....
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  • UV Paint Curing Machine

    This machine is suitable for UV-sensitive paints, inks, adhesive coatings, adhesives, injection molding or printing surfaces of various materials to cure and dry in an instant. 1. Printing: widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive...
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  • UV Lamp Curing Machine

    1. Equipment conveyor belt, UV irradiation zone, UV curing component, automatic cooling, etc. The adjustment frame will quickly position the workpiece, and the conveyor belt will send the workpiece to the UV lamp to start UV solid work; 2. The UV irradiation lamp has two...
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  • Vertical Multi Layer Drying Machine

    The stereo dryer has the following features: 1. The baked product is heated inside and outside at the same time, the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, no deformation, no discoloration; 2. Fast baking speed and high efficiency; local heating, less...
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  • Folding Type Drying Tunnel

    The folding dryer equipment runs smoothly, is evenly dried, and has an ideal dehydration and solidification effect. Segmentation control, finer control. The equipment is heated by steam or heat transfer oil, and the temperature and humidity are automatically controlled....
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  • Ultra-violet Curing Machine

    A new offset printing process for uv printing requires that the offset printing machine must have a UV drying system. The offset printing machine with UV drying system is mainly imported, and the price is very expensive. The original offset printing machine of the printing...
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  • Leveling and Heating Tunnel

    The performance characteristics of tunnel dryer: The tunnel dryer adopts hot air circulation mode (up and down heating), the furnace temperature is uniform, and the temperature rises quickly. Has been widely used in hardware products and plastic products dehydration drying,...
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