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  • Rock Flake Automatic Painting Machine

    The electrical control of the rock lacquer automatic painting machine consists of electrical cabinets, various components and control core PLCs on the hardware. The power distribution cabinet, the main control cabinet, and the spray label hanging box are the carriers of...
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  • Real Stone Paint Automatic Spraying Machine

    Zouping Yongda Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of coating machinery and equipment. Business philosophy : condense sincerity, enlighten wisdom, share value, and continue to operate Code of Conduct : Mission to...
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  • Automatic Spraying Paint Machine

    The design of the entire painting and drying system of the automatic paint spraying machine is completely considered from the actual production needs of the user. The design idea is based on the following aspects: Product features 1. The automatic sprayer has extremely high...
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  • 5 Spindles Automatic Painting Machine

    The five-axis automatic painting machine is the latest development and production of paint spraying machine equipment by the research and development department of Yongda Automatic Paint Spraying Machine. Our advantage: 1. Quick response: Commit to give you detailed quotation...
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  • Wooden Door Paint Spraying Machine

    The product is suitable for: painting of wooden doors, panel furniture, executive desks, cabinet doors, decorative panels, fireproof panels, plastic panels, glass, artificial stone and other products. Process determination: According to the customer's own product...
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  • Cabinet Board Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

    The cabinet plate automatic painting machine is suitable for all kinds of furniture, solid wood doors, cabinets, crafts, decorative panels, glass and other plate-type workpieces. After machine processing, the surface paint film is full and the surface finish is good. It is...
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  • Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

    Yongda series products have won the reliance and support of domestic and foreign furniture companies with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service network. Products have been exported to many countries all over the world. Natural stone paint and...
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  • UV Sprayer Painting Machine

    1. Composition: independent double Y-axis plus synchronous axis, single X-axis, synchronous belt linear module, servo motor drive. 2. Control: Omron PLC control, can output high-speed pulse, can change speed, start point and end point at any time during high-speed motion....
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  • Wood Line Automatic Paint Spraying Machine

    The products are applicable to: continuous spraying of threessurfaces for door frame, wood moulding, skirting, aluminum profile and other lines. PU, PE, UV, NC and liquid paint. 1. Machine configuration has PLC controller of high-speed input, which controls independent switch...
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  • Automatic Reciprocating Painting Machine

    1. The X-axis reciprocating speed can reach 2m/S, and the reciprocating precision can reach 0.1mm; 2. It can be equipped with multiple spray guns to control the switch gun separately; 3. The starting point and end point can be set arbitrarily online, no programming is...
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  • Double Spindle Paint Spraying Machine

    Features of the two-axis slab spraying machine: The use of fully automatic reciprocating spray structure, the spraying efficiency is very high, mainly for the high-quality effect of the surface of thin flat panels. It is suitable for high-volume assembly line spraying...
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  • Wood Furniture Automatic Spray Painting Machine

    Yongda's painted automatic painting machine is also an automatic reciprocating painting machine. It is a fixed automatic spraying equipment that can be used for mechanical reciprocating spraying. Its moving path of movement is left and right (up and down, front and rear)....
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